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Cascading Antioxidants Revenol

the next generation of nutritional health supplements with 23 powerful antioxidants and vitamins.

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Today, the question is, must you buy five, ten or twenty different products with various forms of expensive antioxidants? Some products offer grape seed extract, while another claims that vitamin C is superior. What about vitamin E? Green Tea? Turmeric? The truth is, they are all important in their own right and what your body needs is a broad-spectrum antioxidant.

There are over 1100 different families of
free radicals known to exist. They attack your cells from the air you breathe, the sunlight you live in, the food you eat and drink, and the products you buy at the store. Although some antioxidants are superior in selectively fighting some free radicals, there is not one single antioxidant alone that can rid the body of all the different kinds of free radicals.

That's why Neways has created two of the most potent antioxidant formulas available today…
Revenol and Cascading Revenol. Now, you too, can reap the benefits from an army of the world's most superior antioxidants.

Key Ingredients
Cascading Revenol's formulation boasts a healthy supply of an army of the most potent antioxidants in the world. Included in the line-up are the following:

o   Grape Seed Extract:
o   Decaffeinated Green Tea Extract:
o   Turmeric Extract:
o   Rosemary Officinalis Extract:
o   Alpha Lipoic Acid:
o   Ellagic Acid:
o   Resveratrol:
o   Bioflavonoid Complex:
o   Carotenoid Complex:
o   Co-Enzyme Q10:
o   N-acetyl Cysteine:
o   Esterified Vitamin C:
o   Vitamin E:
o   Glutathione:
o   Quercetin:
o   White Pine Bark Extract:
o   Taurine:
o   Inositol:
o   Potassium Sulphate:
o   Selenium Selenomethionine:
o   Copper:
o   Zinc Monomethionine: 

For full ingredient listing and description for each antioxidant above, please see: Cascading Revenol Page 2

Sustained Release System…

   Cascading Revenol has been given an even bigger
          advantage over other antioxidants products…it utilizes
          a unique sustained release delivery system.
o   This system has been proven to release nutrients
          gradually over a period of ten hours. A constant slow
          release of nutrients enables the body to more easily
          regulate metabolic pathways.
o   This means the nutrients in Cascading Revenol are
          more efficiently absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract,
          ensuring optimum utilization by the body's system.

For more information:

   Cascading Revenol Page 2

o   The bodies own physiological dynamics.
o   Revenol 60+OPCs
o   Free Radicals

Other Nutritional Information

     o   Specific Vitamins and their benefits
     o   The role of Vitamins in our bodies

Product Recommendations:

     o   Take two capsules daily.
o   Can be used with Revenol 60+ OPCs: Take Revenol
          60+ in the morning and Cascading Revenol at night.
o   Please ensure you drink a minimum of 4-8 glasses
          of room temperature water daily.
o   Keep in cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Statutory statement required for all UK approved Nutritional Supplements: Caution: Consult your health care provider prior to use if pregnant or nursing, have a medical condition or when taking any medication.

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