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Chitosan Supplement Chitosorb

Dietary fiber supplement for Calories and Cholesterol, with Chitosan reducing fat absorption.

Unfortunately, fatty foods are the great British weakness.  From meat to sweets and savoury snacks, the fat consumption in Britain is amongst the highest in the World.

Dietary fats are the most concentrated source of calories, and weight for weight, they contain more than twice as many calories as carbohydrate or protein.  1oz of fat contains 225 calories.

The Western world is obsessed with dieting.  Whether the reasons for dieting are cosmetic or health related, crash diets, fasting or peculiar eating patterns are only short-term solutions and can actually be dangerous to your health.

With this in mind, imagine a supplement that could dramatically reduce fat absorption in the body.

Chitosorb and Chitosan

Let your body work the natural way and put your mind completely at ease.

Chitosorb with Chitosan, is an unmatched dietary supplement designed to safely enhance your weight management efforts.

Chitosorb is produced with a revolutionary Chitosan based dietary fiber supplement.  This acts as a powerful magnet for fat in the digestive tract, and is a proven safe and effective way to control your fat intake.

It is an unmatched natural dietary formula and it may have the potential to remove, as waste, many times its own weight in unwanted calories by attracting fat from food consumed..

Chitosan Fiber Supplements

Chitosan fiber supplements is an all natural non-toxic product that is derived from the polysaccharide Chitin.  Chitin is found in plankton and the exoskeletons (shells) of crustaceans such as shrimp, lobster or crab. 

It contains no calories and Chitosan has the unique ability to attach itself to fat in the stomach before it is metabolised.  This fat binds to the Chitosan fibre and becomes a large mass which cannot be absorbed and is therefore eliminated from the body.

Chitosan is lipophilic, which means that it is chemically attracted to fat.  Generally, fibres are hydrophilic, which means they repel fat and attract water.  Chitosan actually captures and inactivates fat and cholesterol by preventing absorption and subsequent storage. 

Chitosan Research and Clinical Studies

Research has shown that Chitosan supplements can bind significantly higher amounts of fats than other fibres.  In one particular study, 23 different fibers were tested and it was found that Chitosan worked 55% better than any other fiber in entrapping and eliminating fat.

As a weight loss product, Chitosan can produce dramatic results.  A clinical study in Helsinki, reported that participants lost an average of 8% body weight in a 4 week period when using Chitosan.  This was an average of 15 pounds per person.

For more information:

o   How fiber works and excess fat

o   The bodies own physiological dynamics.

Product Recommendations:

     o   Take two to four Chitosan tablets 10 minutes prior to
          major meals with heavy bulky foods.
o   Best when taken with 1-2 grams of vitamin C

Statutory statement required for all UK approved Nutritional Supplements:  Caution: Consult your health care provider prior to use if pregnant or nursing, have a medical condition or when taking any medication.

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