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Hair Care Products

award winning hair care products forged from the union of nature and science.

2nd Chance Shampoo
The highly effective ingredients help soften the sebum plug for later emulsifying and flushing, thus supporting hair growth.

2nd Chance Scalp Conditioner
Scalp Conditioner begins where the 2nd Chance Shampoo left off, helping hair growth.

Super Booster Hair Re-thickener
Used separately to maintain a vigorous, healthy, full looking head of hair, or in combination.

Ultimate Shampoo
Hair care system based upon new science, new art and New technology.

Silken Mild Family Shampoo
Its super concentrated formula is extremely gentle and moisturising, suitable for the whole family

Exuberance Conditioner
Unique method to bond the sixteen amino acids found in the hair shaft

Replenishing Mist
Special moisturising agents, helps hair maintain high levels of moisture for up to forty eight

Hair Control
Special hair sprays and spray gels that help control the style you want, while nourishing the hair .

Sculpting Gel
Non-alcohol formulation does not suffocate and irritate the scalp or plug the hair follicle.

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