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Nutritional Health Supplements ...
... liquid vitamins and minerals, herbal health supplements and antioxidants all GM Free

Anatomix MSM - Formula
With the latest biochemical research, Anatomix supports the body's own responses and reservoir of nutrients, to support the body.

Cal-sea-um Chewable Calcium Supplement
A unique calcium supplement derived from calcified seaweed from the North Atlantic, in a Chewable Calcium Supplement.

Cardiol CoQ10 - Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E.
Cardiol CoQ10 helps support a healthy heart.  Coenzyme Q10 and vitamin E work together as cardiovascular nutrients.

Cascading Revenol - 23 Antioxidants (page 1)
The next generation of antioxidants. Cascading Revenol's formulation boasts a combination of the most potent antioxidants in the world.  Containing 23 different types of antioxidants.

CetylMobility with Cetyl Myristoleate
CetylMobility delivers cetyl myristoleate and other powerful nutrients to your body, and is a powerful nutritional supplements in supporting the health of your connective tissue and joints.

Chitosan - weight loss product
As a weight loss product, Chitosan can produce dramatic results.  A clinical study in Helsinki, reported that participants lost an average of 8% body weight in a 4 week period when using Chitosan.  This was an average of 15 pounds per person.

Duri-Fusion The King Of Fruits
A fruit drink like no other, made from durian whole-fruit puree and extract, papaya, mango, lychee and longan fruits is the first ever premium fruit drink made from durian, the King of Fruits.

Emperor's Formula
One of the special Chinese herbal nutritional supplements from the Ming dynasty.  Making Emperor's Formula one of the most powerful products added to the Neways health care line.

Extramin - St John's Wort
Extramin is a natural herbal supplements that is designed to help lift sagging spirits with powerful ingredients long revered in traditional herbology. Not available in the UK - USA ONLY

Ginseng Plus
A supplement that may support vitality and vigour, with unique ingredients like ginkgo biloba, korean ginseng, Muira Puama and Horny Goat Weed, suitable for both men and women...

Junior Maximol for Children liquid vitamins & minerals
Specially formulated for children as a nutritional health supplement with key vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fruit concentrate and essential fatty acids (fish oils) which is also excellent for supporting the brains functions.

Life Enhancer
Compounded from pure whole food extracts of 21 Chinese herbs, Life Enhancer was considered perhaps the most important formulation of the Ming Dynasty era.

Maximol Solution Original liquid vitamins and minerals
Maximol Original has a complete line-up of essential and trace minerals, essential vitamins, amino acids, prebiotics, fruit extracts, phytochemicals and organic fulvates (fulvic acid), making it highly bio-available and suitable for people with sensitive stomachs.

Maximol Classic vitamins and minerals unsweetened
Maximol Classic is highly bio-available and has a complete line-up of essential and trace minerals, essential vitamins, amino acids, organic fulvates (fulvic acid) and prebiotics, yet has NO flavourings or sweeterners and is suitable for diabetics.

Maximol Solution Vegans liquid vitamins and minerals
Maximol has a complete line-up of essential and trace minerals, essential vitamins, amino acids, prebiotics, fruit extracts and organic fulvates (fulvic acid) and is suitable for Vegans.

Meal Replacement Shake Chocolate Flavour
ProThin is formulated to provide a healthy and safe replacement for daily meals and a simple method of restricting calorie intake, aiding weight loss.

Ming Gold - cordyceps, the 'miracle ingredient'
Ming Gold has been formulated into what Neways and Chinese scientists believe will be an even more powerful and potent supplements. Tests show that in just thirty days you could feel 40% more vigorous.

NewVera - Powerful Aloe Vera Extract
NewVera is a comprehensive and powerful blend of aloe vera plus other natural herbal extracts to support the body's own defence mechanisms.

Noni - Authentic Hawaiian Noni Juice
Enhanced even further with fulvates, Noni is a great tasting tropical juice that helps support your immune system - 100% pure Hawaiian Noni Juice.

Orachel Multi Vitamin & Mineral Vegan Formula
It is a unique nutritional formulation of vitamins and minerals, plus added extras such as bioflavanoids and herbal extracts, including garlic.

Passion Flower Plus
Has been developed as a herbal supplement to support the emotions and encourage sleep.

With a Minimum of 8 billion viable cells per gram at point of manufacture and has five strains of beneficial bacteria, this is the best ProBiotics on the market.

ProThin Weight Management System - NEW
ProThin weight management system, supporting your weight loss programme, giving real results for real people, with a simple 3 step programme

Thermogenic Blend Tablets - NEW
These thermogenic blend tablets support your metabolism with a unique thermogenic blend, and are part of the Prothin 3 step program.

ProThin Pre-Meal Tablets - NEW
These Pre-Meal tablets help you get the feeling of fullness before meals and also supports digestive health, and are part of the Prothin 3 step program.

ProThin Meal Replacement Shake Vanilla Flavour
Formulated to provide a healthy and safe replacement for daily meals and a simple method of restricting calorie intake, aiding weight loss and supporting the body bio-systems.

ProMega lose weight naturally
NEW weight loss product - That works with your body to eliminate excess weight naturally with CLA and GLA essential fatty acids.

Renu - Chinese herbalists have answer
Scientists have been puzzled as to why some people stay slender with little or no effort, whilst others gain weight easily

Revenol 60+OPCs - Antioxidants
Containing the most powerful antioxidants known, in the fight against free radicals, Revenol is designed to fight the environmental agents that cause cellular deterioration.

Saw Palmetto
Saw Palmetto has long been traditionally known as 'the man's herb' or 'old man's friend' and is especially useful for men in the 45 years and over age group.

Subvene - Chaste Tree and Wild Yam Cream
Chaste Tree is becoming popular in Europe with women and also includes Wild Yam, considered by many who have studied the endocrine system, to be one of the most important plants.

VitaCell - Supports healthy cell cycles
Protect the health of your body's cells by encouraging proper function and purification.

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