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Hormonal System …

nutritional health supplements designed to support the hormonal system of men and women.

Subvene - revive your balance and harmony
Chaste Tree is becoming popular in Europe with women to assist with endocrine system imbalances, also includes Wild Yam, considered by many who have studied the endocrine system, to be one of the most important plants.

Life Enhancer Endocrine Support
Compounded from pure whole food extracts of 21 Chinese herbs, Life Enhancer was considered perhaps the most important formulation of the Ming Dynasty's Yong Lee Imperial Hospital.

Saw Palmetto Plus
Saw Palmetto has long been traditionally known as 'the man's herb' or 'old man's friend' and is especially useful for men in the 45 years and over age group.

Ginseng Plus
A supplement that may support vitality and vigour, with unique ingredients like ginkgo biloba, korean ginseng, Muira Puama and Horny Goat Weed, suitable for both men and women.

Duri-Fusion The King Of Fruits
A fruit drink like no other, made from durian whole-fruit puree and extract, papaya, mango, lychee and longan fruits is the first ever premium fruit drink made from durian, the King of Fruits.

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