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Selected Web Sites

o   Shopping Directory


o   eSources UK Wholesalers

o   Health Portal Plus

     Health Links Portal of Reciprocal Links. Plus many links to

     other quality sites of interest of all types.

o   Alternative Health Tours

     Offers daily, private, cutomized tours and transportation

     to and from alternative clinics and Hospitals for patients
     based in San Diego.

o   VSS Sleep Systems

     Air bed mattress & adjustable beds - VSS Sleep

     Systems Guaranteed the most Comfortable
     365 Night Sleep Trial!

o   100% Pure Tahitian Noni Juice
     Online ordering of Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) juice, Noni
     Cream, Tamanu Oil, and Tamanu Cream

o   Muscle Now
     For quick, dramatic muscle growth without supplements
     or drugs please read the following.

o   Healing Natural Oils

     Proven natural treatments to eliminate herpes, shingles,
     warts, genital warts, eczema, athlete's foot, acne and
     hemorrhoids. Results guaranteed!

     Firsthand knowledge of the problems faced by Long
     Term Care consumers

     The Quick and Easy Guide to Natural Health and
     Alternative Medicine

     The Dental Resource!

     Sportswell: Producers of Natural Dietary Supplements
     to Improve Your Life

     Complete and comprehensive visitor and tourist
     information featuring local points of interest, Bermuda
     history, dining guide, sightseeing, things-to-do,
     and much more

     The Only Worldwide Directory of Tours & Vacation
     Packages (WDT)

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