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Kirlian photography ...

life force energy within the Maximol's liquid vitamins and minerals

Organic Fulvates (fulvic acid)

life force energy

The Kirlian photos below show a 'before and after'
Maximol Solution

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Kirlian Boby Photo 1 Kirlian Body Photo 2
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Subject before taking

Subject 21 hours later
after taking

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The second kirlian image reveals a more radiant aura plus a
obvious higher energy field around the whole of the body

The subject - was not a patient - took the supplement first thing
in the morning and then once more the following day.

Also the subject was not on medication or a taker of supplements

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Kirlian Photo of Maximol Kirlian Photo of Multi-Vitamin Mineral Tablet

Kirlian photo of a single
drop of Maximol Solutions

Compared to this Kirlian photo of a common high street multi-vitamin & mineral tablet

Kirlian pictures taken by David John Broom MIRCH (Registered Medical Herbalist)

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   - Vitamin D
   - Vitamin E
   - Vitamin H
Fulvic Acid
Free Radicals
Why Minerals?
Ming Dynasty
Toxic Toiletries

and our bodies

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the road
to success..

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In over 40 different

Maximol Solutions
liquid vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and now with added fruit extract.

To order your life force energy supplement just select one of the links below

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Maximol with Organic Fulvates

Author Recognition

Our many thanks go to David John Broom MIRCH and his wife
Judy Broom for all their work and research.

If you would like to receive David Broom's published book
"The Life in Your Food - As seen through Kirlian Photography" then you can order this below.

Kirlian Photography Book

The Life in Your Food
As seen through Kirlian Photography

Price 19.95 Including P&P UK and Ireland

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