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Chinese Herbs . . .
from the Ming Dynasty

The Imperial Legacy

Hidden behind an intricate "bamboo curtain" there is a society that has maintained a continuous history for more than 1,000 years.

Our study of Oriental history reveals a philosophy of health and wisdom that flourished inside China.  This is now unfolding to benefit the entire world.  These advanced health practises are coming at a time when the world is beginning to look for answers to its health needs and when they have the most potential to change the increased health, beauty and economic growth. 

In the Royal Palaces of Chinese Emperors, court physicians were appointed who conducted careful research and created herbal formulas. These were intended to protect health and improve the lives of the royal family.  All available human health studies were brought together and compiled in around 3,000 BC.  These records were passed on from Dynasty to Dynasty.  Information was then further organised and catalogued during the Ming Dynasty.

The Ming Dynasty herbal formulations
In China, the Ming Dynasty emperors ruled for nearly 300 years and it has been classed as the most significant period of cultural renaissance in Oriental history.  This era certainly shed a brilliant light of knowledge and discovery in the country.  Ming rulers began to restore traditional institutions such as the Civil Service, which had been suspended by previous rulers.

The second emperor of the Ming Dynasty was so enamoured with the enhancement, that a copy of the royal medical encyclopaedia was interred with him upon his death.  Ming Cheng Zu's order was obeyed and these formulas were kept for the exclusive use of the royal families.

The records were thought to have been destroyed during the century of chaos and the Boxer Rebellion of the 1900s.  The full scope of the Oriental herbal studies, including the emperors imperial formulas, have not been available to the world, although many have recreated some of the ancient knowledge.

Chinese officials searched throughout the country for copies of the imperial formulas after realising the loss of culture and history inflicted by the century of chaos.  Attempts to copy imperial formulas were only marginally successful and all claims that original formulas had been found elsewhere proved to be false. 

They were found when the burial site of Ming Cheng Zu was unearthed in the twentieth century.  However, they still had to be authenticated before the Chinese could reclaim a lost national treasure. 

An exhaustive analysis of the ancient manuscripts was performed and The Medical and Herbal Research Departments of China found that the Ming herbalists used several of the research procedures commonly used in today's modern research facilities suggesting that they achieved excellent results in health promoting formulas.

After examine the original manuscripts Neways secured marketing rights for more than 1200 Imperial formulas found in the Ming documents which are the treasured result of centuries of research.  When combined with today's scientific techniques, the royal formulas can be realised in a way that would be unbelievable to the originators.

The Imperial Chinese Herbal Formulas
Authentically Reproducing The Imperial Formulas
Due to the concept of copyrighting being foreign to developers in the East, Tom Mower learned that there are few "exclusive formulas".  He also found that, although many claimed to have exclusive formulas, these were only renditions of well-known Oriental recipes Tom Mower says "Most of these renditions came from the research of people in China and are limited in effectiveness. 

The Royal Houses of Emperors are thought to have made the finest advancements through the energy and insights of great Chinese herbalists.  Their discoveries were guided by exhaustive testing for thousands of years and required disciplined and meditative insights aimed at improving the formulas for the Emperor".

Life Force
The Neways' Laboratory connections in China strictly adhere to the carefully preserved instructions of the ancients as each chosen herb has an energy of its own.  Each formula supplies the energy of "life force" intended by its ancient creator and this invigorating Chi extends to all whose use the formulations.

Health "Wholeness" Philosophy
Science is just beginning to understand the interaction between the emotional and physical states. 

The Chinese believe that health is a combination of mind, body and soul, and that good health is achieved by balancing all three systems.  Even complex psychological dimensions are addressed through the Oriental teaching on the philosophy of "wholeness".

Balance in the body is vitally important.  Each organ must balance with inter-related organs to create positive energy in the entire body.

The Neways' special herbal formulas nourish the body's ability to maintain balance, normalise conditions and increase Chi energy.  Chi energy flows along the internal meridian pathways of the body.  Negative Chi energy produces an imbalance resulting in negative emotions, weakened energy and lower resistance to disease.  Many of the Ming formulas were developed to increase the positive Chi energy.

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21 Chinese herbs, perhaps the most important formulation
           of the Ming Dynasty's Yong Lee Imperial Hospital

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