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The latest nutritional supplements, health products and personal care products, bridging the gap between science and human needs.

Hydracial Skin Care
Hydracial anti-ageing skin care system featuring a high-potency triple peptide complex, clinically tested and approved by dermatologists.

With a Minimum of 8 billion viable cells per gram at point of manufacture and has five strains of beneficial bacteria, this is the best ProBiotics on the market.

New Hawaiian Noni Juice
This new authentic Hawaiian Noni Juice is a combinations of natural Hawaiian noni fruit, apple and red beet juices, sweetened with honey and delicately flavoured with wild plums.

NewTeq3 Advanced Magnetic Bracelets
Magnetic bracelets using a unique combination of three innovative technologies Magnetic Therapy, Negative Ion Therapy and Far Infrared Ray Therapy (FIR)

ProThin NEW Weight Management System
A weight management system that gives real results for real people, with a simple 3 step system, helping to support your weight loss programme.

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