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Neways Royal Visit

His Royal Highness Prince Andrew, The Duke of York visits Neways International (UK) Ltd

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed His Royal Highness The Duke of York to Neways International (UK) Ltd.

The visit was the first of three made by the Duke on Wednesday 14 May, as part of his Trade and Industry responsibilities.

Neways and another local company from the East Anglia region were selected to have the Duke tour around the offices and warehouse, plus meet up with the Management and staff.

This only complemented this years achievements, as Neways UK MD Jane Webster has recently been awarded "Business Woman of the Year 2003" - what an accolade.

Along with Prince Andrew who flew in by helicopter with his entourage, there were also other local dignitaries present for the occasion. These included the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire, Mr David Riddington and his wife Diana, the Chairman of Cambridgeshire County Council, Robin Driver and The Chief Executive of "Invest East of England", James Gray, who was host for the morning.

It was Jane Webster, the Managing Director and Melvyn Pegram, Financial Director, who escorted HRH the Duke of York around the offices and warehouse facilities. He was, of course, accompanied by his bodyguards, the usual entourage and the local dignitaries, yet Prince Andrew made the time to shake hands and chat with many of the staff and also met the Diamond Advisory Board.

Asking questions of how distributor orders were dealt with and what kind of commissions were payable - his interest was astounding. Two wholesale buyers even had the privilege of HRH listening in on the orders being placed - mind you they probably didn't realise!!! But, Prince Andrew even took away a marketing plan as well, to study further, as he was extremely enthusiastic about the whole concept of a US company being able to deal with numerous foreign countries including the UK and Europe, and change peoples lives in the process.

After the tour of the offices and warehouse, Jane Webster presented the Duke with the Neways much coveted "Convert your Bathroom Pack.

It was a day that will have many positive outcomes from both the press and general awareness of what Neways is all about, as well as its distributors.

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HRH Prince Andrew The Duke of York

Above the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, is greeted outside Neways head office

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