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Nutritional Supplements and Health Products
The leading supplier of nutritional supplements, anti-ageing and longevity health products, forged from the union of science and nature, thus producing the ultimate and unrivalled personal health care products throughout the world. 

Weight Loss Management Systems
proven studies on natural weight loss supplements and products that support weight management programs

Sports Nutritional Supplements
Sports products recommended by world champion athletes.  Whether you are a world-class athlete or someone who simply enjoys active living, the nutritional supplements and herbal products in the Sports line will help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

NewTeq3 Advanced Magnetic Bracelets
Magnetic bracelets using a unique combination of three innovative technologies Magnetic Therapy, Negative Ion Therapy and Far Infrared Ray Therapy (FIR)

Sun Care Range, Protection from UVA, UVB and UVC Rays
Full range of sun care products including Sunblock SPF 30, After Sun Lotion, Sunless Tanning Cream, Tanning Oil & Lipceutical. With no harmful ingredients.

Skin Care Range
Helps in the fight against the ravages of time, such as wrinkles, liver spots, scarring, stretch marks, etc...
Suitable for men and women.

Personal Care Range
Cleans and exfoliates your skin without blocking pores or introducing harmful ingredients into your body chemistry.

Hair Care Range
The highly effective ingredients in this hair care range, help soften the sebum plug for later emulsifying and flushing.  Also promotes healthy hair growth

Dental Care Range
Dental care products formulated with stabilised Anthium Dioxide making this toothpaste, mouthwash and whitener unequalled, No Fluoride.

Aromatherapy Range Grade 1.
From the sweet lavender fields of the French Alps to the fragrant ylang ylang groves of Madagascar, NSC brings you a powerful line of essential oils with tremendous aromatic possibilities

NEW Automotive Engine Treatment
Revolutionary high performance automotive and car engine treatment, an oil additive, that reduces engine friction, saving our environment.

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Health Care and Personal Care Products
Health and Personal Care Products

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