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Weight Loss Programme

ProThin, the weight management system that gives real results for real people, with a simple 3 step program, helping to support your weight loss programme.

Prothin The Weight Management System

Step One - Pre-Meal Tablets

Get the feeling of fullness before meals with the Pre-Meal tablets

This refreshing citrus-flavoured beverage is a unique supplement designed to provide feelings of fullness prior to each meal, helping you fight the urge to overeat. The carefully chosen blend of dietary fibres also supports digestive health.  Gaining control over appetite and optimising digestive health are key elements in every weight management plan.

In conjunction with a low-calorie diet and adequate exercise, ProThin® Pre-Meal Tablets dissolve effervescently with rapid effect, helping you feel full before meals and supporting your weight management efforts.

Key Product Benefits:

  • Provides a sense of fullness before meals.
  • Supports weight management when combined with exercise and a low-calorie diet.
  • Supports digestive health.
  • Delivers active ingredients quickly with effervescent technology.

Additional Information:

To order the Pre-Meal Tables separately Click Here to go to our dedicated product information page.

Step Two - Meal Replacement Shakes

Helping you to balance your nutrition with ProThin's meal replacement shakes.

Hunger is the body's way of communicating that nutrients are missing - when you give your body the correct balance of micro and macro nutrients, hunger does not have to be an issue. As Step TWO in the ProThin® Weight Management System, ProThin® Meal Replacement Shake help to reduce feelings of hunger by providing a balanced blend of protein, fibre, and key vitamins and minerals.

ProThin® Meal Replacement Shake is one of the best-tasting meal replacement shakes available. On a daily basis, you can enjoy one serving as a meal replacement to maintain your ideal weight, or replace two meals with two servings to help you achieve your ideal weight during a weight management programme.

Available in delicious Chocolate and Vanilla flavours.

Key Product Benefits:

  • Supplies natural protein and key vitamins and minerals.
  • Provides six grams of fibre per serving.
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Helps reduce feelings of hunger.
  • Supports weight management when combined with exercise and a low-calorie diet.
  • Low-calorie - only 142/146 calories per serving.

Additional Information:

To order the Meal Replacement Shakes separately click Chocolate Shake or Vanilla Shake to go to our dedicated product information pages.

Step Three - Thermogenic Blend Tablets

Supporting your metabolism with the unique Thermogenic Blend tablets.

Thermogenic is the word used to describe the action of increasing the body's metabolism through the generation of heat, helping to burn fat. Metabolism is the use the body makes of foods after they have been digested, absorbed and transported to the cells.

Thermogenic Blend is a fusion of herbs and phytonutrients that support the rate at which your body transforms stored calories into usable energy. Along with diet and exercise, Thermogenic Blend can support your weight management efforts by boosting your metabolism, whilst also providing protective antioxidant nutrients.

Key Product Benefits:

  • Supports energy expenditure.
  • Supports healthy metabolism.
  • Provides antioxidant support.
  • Supports weight management when combined with exercise and a low-calorie diet.

Additional Information:

To order the Thermogenic Blend Tables separately Click Here to go to our dedicated product information page.

Look and Feel Great

"after 90 days I lost 23 pounds in weight and over 17.5 inches"

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