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Health News Testimonials...
Peoples true life stories

Weight Loss Testimonials
"after 90 days I lost 23 pounds in weight and over 17.5 inches"

Liquid Vitamins and Minerals
Read the true life stories from people who have benefited from Maximol Solutions, with its unique vitamin & mineral formulation

Hawaiian Noni Juice and Me
I would like to report on what happened to me as a user of the Hawaiian Noni Juice.

Magnetic Bracelets
Magnetic bracelets with a unique combination of three innovative technologies Magnetic Therapy, Negative Ion Therapy and Far Infrared Ray Therapy (FIR)

Great Britain Powerlifting Team
John Glover winning a gold medal, Andy Rodney and Gerald Pilling each winning a silver and Steve Walker a Bronze medal.  Overall the team finished in 4th place.

World Championships
"The next day I was proudly receiving the trophy for Female Masters Winner!"

British Olympic Team
In five weeks I had surpassed my previous best by more than 100% in 5 weeks!

Kick Boxing World Titles
Shane Lynch his success who has won two world titles in Kickboxing is in no doubt who to thank for his success.

Weight Loss Naturally
Weight loss product that works with your body to eliminate excess weight naturally with CLA and GLA essential fatty acids.

Oxford University Boat Club
"Both Oxford and their reserve crew Isis won -
the results speak for themselves."

Dentist - Jeremy Foster
When I tried Radiance toothpaste and Eliminator mouthwash I was literally "gob smacked"!  I could not believe the difference.

All information contained on these pages is not intended in any way as medical advise.  Testimonials are given by people who wish to share their experiences and are solely for information purposes.

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