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Vitamin B Complex - Choline ... 
...Choline is a water soluble member of the B
complex vitamins.

This vitamin is part of a group of fats known as phospholipids, which are found in both plant and animal cells.

Choline can be synthesized by the interaction of vitamin B12 and the vitamin folic acid with methionine.

Choline, when combined with phosphoric acid and fatty acids within the liver, forms lecethin.

Unfortunately, though, this vitamin can be lost within cooking water.

There is no known toxicity with choline, but if large doses are taken over a long period of time, then your requirements of vitamin B6 may need to be increased.

Choline has important co-nutrients.  Obviously the other B complex vitamins as they should always be taken together and never separately.  This B complex vitamin also requires vitamin A, manganese, zinc and linoleic acid (an essential fatty acid).

The requirements of choline may need to be increased if you consume alcohol or have diabetes.  Also, if you are using drugs such as diuretics, oestrogens or oral contraceptives, then you may also need to increase your intake of this vitamin.

This B complex vitamin, choline, is required by the body for regulation of the liver and gall bladder functions, metabolic reactions, preventing accumulation of fat in the liver and other organs and transmission of nerve and brain impulses.

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Vitamin B Complex - Choline

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