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Vitamin C - ascorbic acid ... 
...and the role organic vitamin C has within the body.

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin and is easily destroyed by heat, light, air and oxidation, therefore it is also easily lost in cooking water.  When cooking with copper or iron utensils, there is an even greater loss if alkali’s such as baking powder or soda are used.

Most animals are able to manufacture their own vitamin C, but humans are unable to do so and must rely on dietary sources.

Vitamin C is absorbed from the gastro-intestinal tract into the blood stream and eliminated in the urine and perspiration.  It is stored in the body to a very limited extent.

Most fruits and vegetables will contain some vitamin c, but blackberries, watercress, papaya, kale and brussel sprouts have some of the best sources available within our food.

Vitamin C is required for many different processes

Vitamin C is also required by the body for many different processes, such as the healing of wounds, the production of digestive enzymes and connective tissue, brain and nerve function, formation of teeth and bones, glandular activity.  Also vitamin C aids in the absorption of iron and protection of cells, B complex vitamins, Vitamin E and Vitamin A from oxidation.  

There are important co-nutrients that go alongside Vitamin C.  These are: calcium, bioflavanoids (Vitamin P), magnesium, Vitamin A and manganese.

Unfortunately, our body’s require an increase in its requirements of Vitamin C due to different factors such as alcohol, menstruation, surgery, injury, stress, diabetes and smoking - with up to 25mg of vitamin C being destroyed by each cigarette smoked, and similar losses apply to cigars and loose tobacco.

Vitamin C is a master nutrient and it regenerates Vitamin E and is essential for the soundness of collagen.

It should also be noted that high levels of Vitamin C may deplete the body of the mineral copper.  

A study of postmenopausal women found a positive correlation between vitamin C and bone mineral density in women with a dietary calcium intake of at least 500mg.

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Vitamin C - Ascorbic Acid

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