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Vitamin D - Ergocalciferol ... 
...and the role organic vitamin D has within the body.

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, which is not significantly destroyed by cooking or even processing and refrigeration.

Vitamin D2, which is also known as ergocalciferol, can be synthesised by the exposure of yeast to light.

Vitamin D3, which is known as cholecalciferol, is found naturally in animal tissues.

This vitamin is often nick-named the “sunshine vitamin” as in humans it is formed within the skin when ultraviolet light activates the conversion of a form of cholesterol into vitamin D3.

With dietary vitamin D, it is absorbed through the intestinal walls with the help of bile salts.  This vitamin is converted by the liver into a form the body can use, and then it is stored within the liver.

Vitamin D is required by the body for absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, for bone and tooth enamel.

Growth and Development in Children

This vitamin also plays a very important role in the growth and development of children, and with their normal calcification of bones and teeth.

Vitamin D is required for the formation of hormones by the thyroid gland and this vitamin also has many functions related to calcium and phosphorus metabolism, such as blood clotting, the heart and the nervous system.

Some of the food sources that Vitamin D can be found within are dairy products, fish liver oils and liver.

Because our body requires sunlight to synthesise Vitamin D, a lack of exposure with a poor diet can lead to a deficiency in this vitamin.

Unfortunately, drugs such as laxatives or lipid lowering drugs may also cause a deficiency in vitamin D, and therefore it may be advisable to supplement on your nutrient intake.

Nutritional Vitamin Supplements

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   o  Orachel (multi-vitamin oral chelation formula)

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Vitamin D - Ergocalciferol

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