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Facts About Vitamin E ... 
...and the role that vitamin E has within the body.

Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin made up of seven compounds called tocopherols, with alpha being the most active.

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and can be enhanced by other antioxidants such as Vitamin C and Selenium.

This vitamin can be obtained within its natural form, or it can be synthesised (in other words a synthetic form of vitamin E), but the natural form of vitamin E is far more readily available for absorption by the body.

Vitamin E is destroyed by cooking in open pans, but even more so by deep frying.  However, some may also be lost during the commercial deep freezing, although no where near as much.

Absorption of vitamin E takes place in the intestines with the help of bile salts.

High concentrations of vitamin E can be found within the liver, fat storing tissues and muscles such as the heart.  Also this vitamin can be found in the adrenal, pituitary and sex glands.

If a person has excess vitamin E, then it is excreted through the urine.

Some of the most significant food sources of vitamin E are found in avocado, egg yolk, sesame seeds, tahini, wheatgerm and whole grains.

Vitamin E requires many important co-nutrients, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Selenium, Inositol, manganese, zinc and Vitamin A.

Vitamin E is required by the body, for many different functions including protection of cells, fatty acids and certain vitamins form oxidation.

Vitamin E also promotes normal blood clotting, preventing Vitamin A and saturated fats from breaking down into harmful substances in the body, the release of insulin from the pancreas, maintaining cardiovascular health, the increase in levels of “good” cholesterol and regeneration of the skin. 

Your vitamin E requirements should be increased if you have stress, diabetes, drink chlorinated water, smoke, are going through menopause or subjected to high levels of pollutants.

If you are taking anything such as lipid lowering drugs, oral contraceptives, oestrogens, do a lot of strenuous activity, have a high consumption of refined foods or have malabsorption disorders, then your intake of Vitamin E should be increased to try and compensate.

Another point: Vitamin E is not toxic to the body, although if taken in large quantities (1000+IU per day) then this vitamin may cause the user muscle weakness, fatigue or a possibility of gastro-intestinal upsets.

Insulin dependant diabetics should always consult their health care provider prior to taking a vitamin E supplement, as the level of insulin could be reduced and should be monitored, as with people taking certain heart medications, as the person should be monitored and possibly their medication adjusted.

By combating the free radicals that attack polyunsaturated fats in the body, Vitamin E protects cellular membranes from oxidative damage.

There are other antioxidants that can enhance Vitamin E, such as Vitamin C and selenium.

Nutritional Vitamin Supplements

   o  Maximol (liquid vitamins and minerals)

   o  Orachel (multi-vitamin oral chelation formula)
o  Revenol (powerful antioxidants)

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