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Lose Weight Naturally

Weight loss product that works with your body to eliminate excess weight naturally with CLA and GLA essential fatty acids

I lost 27 lbs. in weight for the fist time in years

Sue - A lady in her late forties. Is always over-weight, yet regularly swims and tries to eat as healthily as possible. She started taking ProMega on 22 March 2002 and for the first month nothing happened. Then, by the 7th June 2002 she had lost 2 stone. Since that date she is still gradually losing 1-2lb in weight each week.

I lost 21 lbs. in weight and now a 33 inch waist

Larry (aged 51) has a very high lifestyle, eating basically what he wants and drinking what he likes - often over-indulging, especially whilst away or at a golf tournament like he was recently in France. He was a 17" collar (which was getting tight!), 44" chest and was a 36" creeping to 37" waist. He definitely done nothing different - still eating and drinking like he usually does!!! Larry started taking the ProMega on the 22 March 2002 along with Sue. Up until the 24th June, he has now lost over 2 stone, is back into a 16" collar that is now loose, has just gone and purchased a 33" waist pair of Levi 501's (the same size he was 20 years ago). He is also back in his 42" jackets and looking at the rest of his wardrobe!!!

I lost 25 lbs. In weight - It really does work

Pat - lady in her fifties. Due to some very terrible health problems and being put on to drugs (including steroids) she went from 8 and half stone and her weight ballooned up to 20 stone 3lb. Yet she is only 4'6". Having been taking Maximol and Revenol, her health had gradually improved, but she had been unable to shift her weight. She started taking the ProMega but also added in the replacement meal shake (ProThin) and has gradually lost 2 and a half stone. Mind you, she still has a further 6 stone left to lose, yet considering that only months ago she could not walk far unaided, she was managing to walk up the hills in Bournemouth and look so much better (and happier).

Human studies on CLA and weight loss

A pioneering Norwegian human study found that CLA-supplemented subjects lost up to 20% of their body fat in three months without changing their diet, while the control subjects on the average gained a slight amount of body fat during the same period.

o   ProMega CLA & GLA weight loss supplement

For more information

o   Human studies on CLA for weight loss
o   Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) in ProMega
o   Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) in ProMega

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